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Phone: +972-544-340105
Born in Israel, 1972. Lives and works in Tel Aviv

1994-1998 BFA. Cum Laud. Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.
1996 School of Visual Art, New York, Art Department, U.S.A
1993-1994 Studied at the State Art Teachers Training College, Ramat Hasharon



2018 Pais Culture Council’s Grant for the Production of a Catalog, with Ayelet Carmi
2018 Support from Asylum Arts, NY, “Israel Trail” project with Ayelet Carmi
2018 Support from Artis, “Israel Trail” project with project with Ayelet Carmi
2016 Pais Culture Council’s Grant for the Production of a New Work, in the field of new media, “Israel Trail”, project with project with Ayelet Carmi
2013-2014 Artist-Teacher Fellowship, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture
2010 Honorary mention, the Carmella Rachmani Award.
2008 Israel’s Ministry of Education and Culture Prize for Promoting Creativity in the Arts
2002-2004 Artist-Teacher Fellowship, Israeli Ministry of Education and Culture
2001-2002 The America-Israel Culture Foundation’s Scholarship, Tel Aviv



2019 “One Foot Planted” (with Ayelet Carmi), Kniznick Gallery at the Hadassah Brandeis Institue, Brandeis University, Waltham MA, USA (curator: Susan Metrican)
2018 “Israel Trail” (with Ayelet Carmi), Petah Tikva art museum, Israel (curator: Drorit Gur-Arie), Villa Tamaris France (curator: Isabelle Bourgeois)
2018 “Sphere” (with Ayelet Carmi), Neve Schechter gallery, Tel-Aviv (Curator: Shira Friedman; cat)
2017 “The Kitchen Cabinet” (with Shahar Marcus), Dwek Gallery, Jerusalem
2016 “Icosehadron” with Ayelet Carmi, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel
2013 “Behind the Scenes”, Netgallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Raz Samira
2012 “Photography Coming into Being”, Hadassah College, Jerusalem. Curator: Judith Gueta
2010 Artificial Paradises, TheHeder, Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
2008 ‘Sister of Mercy’, The 5th International Women’s Film Festival, Rehovot
2006 ‘Works’, Morel Derfler Gallery, The Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education, Haifa
2004 ‘The Villa (Part A)’, Noga Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2003 ‘Split’, Noga Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2003 ‘Gullet’, Herzliya Museum of Art
2001 Noga Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2000 ‘Sister of Mercy’, Borochov Gallery, Tel Aviv
1999 ‘Who Comes to Mom’, Dada Gallery , Tel-Aviv



2019 “Flowing with milk”, ” (with Ayelet Carmi), beithankin Gallery, Israel
2018 “I to eye”, The Israel Museum Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Shir Yamaguchi
2018 “The Women Behind” Museum on the Seam, Socio-Political Contemporary Art Museum, Jerusalem. Curator: Rafi Etgar
2017 “AnonimX: The end of the Privacy Era,” Haifa Museum of Art, Israel. Curator: Svetlana Reingold
2017 “Chana Orloff: Feminist Sculpture in Israel,” Mané-Katz Museum, Haifa. Curator: Svetlana Reingold
2016 “The Circle of Life” The Israeli pavilion at the NordArt 2016, Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany
2015 “Local Pulse 2” The Artists’ House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Orly Hoffman
2014 “Holding”, Halali Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Sari Golan
2013 “Moby Dick”, Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Curator: Dalit Matityahu
  “The Mediterranean Biennale in Sakhnin”, Israel. Curator: Belu Simion Fainaru
  “Complex Family”, video art exhibition, Suzanne Dellal Center, Tel Aviv. Curator: Carmel Gottlieb Kimhi
2012 “Limited Time”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Eran Gilat snd Iris Hasid Segal
  “UNNATURAL”, in colleboration with Yossi Ben Shoshan, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami. Curator: Tami Katz Freiman
  “Random”, BAAD Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2011 “Mirror Life”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Gilit Fisher
  “The Specialists”, Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Jonathan Hirschfeld and Yael Azulay
  “Among the Others”, The Mediterranean Center for Contemporary Art, French Cultural Center, Haifa, Israel. Curator: Belu Simion Fainaru
  “The Tree of the Knowledge”, Artist’s House, Rehovot, Israel. Curators: Ora Kraus and Dr. Guy Morag Zeflevich
  “To the Crux of the Matter”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Raz Samira
2010 “Still Life”, Dana Gallery for Contemporary Art, Yad Mordechai, Israel
  ‘Among Others’, TheMediterranean center for Contemporary Art, Haifa
  ‘With this ring’, Wedding Ceremonies in Contemporary art, Bet Hatfutsot, Tel Aviv University
  ‘Digestion’, The Haifa Mediterranean Biennale
2009 ‘Nature Museum’ Petach-Tikva Museum, Petach-Tikva. A work with Yossi Ben-Shoshan
  ‘Big Spender’, Hagada Hasmalit, Tel Aviv
  “Winners of the Ministry for Culture and Sport’s Prizes in Art and Design”, Museum of Art, Ein Harod, Israel
  “Lolita”, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery. Curator: Ron Partush
2008 Centro Andaluza De La Fotografa, Spain
  “One Building, One Day Before Construction”, art event at a condemned building, Tel Aviv.
  “Body Works”, The Heder Contemporary Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.

‘Spatial Borders and Local Borders’, The Open Museum of Photography at Tel Hai


“Stills 07-08”, Art Institute Gallery, Oranim Academic College of Education, Israel.


“Recent acquisitions”, Hafa Museum of Art, Israel. Curator: Tami Katz Freiman

2006 ‘Making a Scene, Staged Photography in Contemporary Art’, Haifa Museum of Art

‘Seduction’, Bait Banamal Gallery, Tel-Aviv


“China Israel Video Art Festival”, The Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing.


‘High Heels in the Sand, Trafficking of Women in Israel’ Petach-Tikva Museum, Petach-Tikva.


‘The Third Transchina Video Art Festival’, Beijing, China


‘Not for Sale’, Bait Banamal Gallery, Tel-Aviv


‘Liga’, Bait Banamal Gallery, Tel-Aviv


‘Love is in the Air’, Time for Art, Israeli Art Center, Tel-Aviv


‘‘Hold me Tight’, Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, Israel.


‘Art Forum Berlin’, Berlin


‘Young Israeli Art ‘, Tel-Aviv Museaum, Tel-Aviv


‘Rules of the Game’, Noga gallery, Tel-Aviv


‘Israeli Art: Affirmative Action’, Tel-Aviv Museaum, Tel-Aviv


‘Your Home is my Home’, Video Art Festival, The Orensans foundation for the art, New york, NY


‘New Collection’, Tel-Aviv Museaum, Tel-Aviv

  ‘The Perfect Couple’, Noga gallery, Tel-Aviv
2001 “Popsicle 2000”, America Israel Foundation’s Scholarship Winners Exhibition, University Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  “The Perfect Couple”, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv.
  “Cum Laude Graduate Video Art Exhibition”, Bezalel Academy Gallery, Tel Aviv.
2000 International Young Art by ArtLink & Sothby’s, Tel-Aviv, Vienna, Chicago.
1999 ‘Out of the Frame’, Bat-Yam Museum.
1998 ‘Young Photography’, Tel-Chai Museum.



Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Haifa Museum of Art
Petach- Tikva Museum of Art
Private Collections